Automarque – Our Story

Welcome to Automarque – The home for Isuzu Utes and New Renault in the Hutt Valley and Greater Wellington’s leading commercial experts and pre-owned vehicle experts.

Since opening our doors for business in June 2007, we have closely followed a list of objectives. We constantly re-evaluate these objectives, making improvements both individually and collectively to ensure we stay on target to deliver the best service and a simple and pleasurable experience when doing business with us.

Customers from all over New Zealand have chosen to purchase a vehicle from Automarque, be it for business, pleasure, or any reason in between. In many cases we have personally delivered these vehicles whenever practical, in an effort to maintain the focus on the “simple and pleasurable experience”.

We get it – you work hard, adventure hard, and need a vehicle to live up to its’ promises. Not only that, but a car dealer who lives up to their promises too. Your week day vehicle works hard just like you, but the weekend vehicle needs to be a bit of fun. A vehicle can be both. A vehicle is many things to many people.

Buying a new vehicle should be easy, a reward. But we know it’s not always like that. We hear many stories of disappointing experiences… but, that’s where we are different. We are a new generation of car dealer. We 100% understand your situation – we are committed to providing the very best experience.

Want a new vehicle?… No problem.
A specific feature or accessory?… No problem.
Finance?… No problem.
Trade in?… No problem.
Ongoing servicing and support?… No problem.
To have a yarn and be part of our family?… No problem!

Seriously, we get a kick out of seeing you get exactly what you want in a vehicle. Because at the end of the day, we work hard just like you, so you can get the best of everything.

Our team is well prepared and ready to give you the very best care for your scheduled service, general repairs and maintenance, and of course W.O.F inspections.

Did you know we don’t just service Isuzu Utes?
We’re equipped with the latest service and diagnostic equipment to look after all makes and models. Please contact our Aftersales manager Allan, either through our Contact form or on (04) 5898 600

Let’s talk more… Give us a call or pop into our dealership on the Melling roundabout.

Glen Mettam and Chris Douglas

Our Community

Automarque is a proud supporter of many community organisations. We are a great believer in giving back and supporting those who support us. We value relationships above all else and are proud to be associated with fantastic organisations and people.