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Glen and Chris are your vehicle and equipment funding experts. We have over 30 years of experience in finance, and can tailor a solution to work perfectly for you. At Automarque we take our responsibilities under the responsible lending act very seriously, and want to make sure you’re as informed, and protected as possible. When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, we have lots of options and protection products to help you on the journey. We have two strong affiliations with finance companies, with rates ranging between 7.95% and 10.95% depending on your circumstances.

Private & Business Customers Credit Sale Agreement (CSA)

A Credit Sale Agreement is simple to set up and you can make sure your repayments are structured to suit your cashflow. And once the last payment is made, the car is yours. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the agreement and If you’re GST registered*, you could also claim back the GST.

Business Customers Lease Agreement

If you’re buying your car for business, a Finance Lease could be a great option. The lease payments are based on the total cost of the car, less the agreed residual value you’ll pay at the end of the term. There are no up-front costs and the fixed instalments for the term of the lease will make cash flow planning easy. You will need to be GST registered, and you recover the GST on your lease payments throughout the life of your loan*.

Fully Maintained Operating Lease

A maintained operation lease is a business finance package that means you can avoid the hassle of managing costs and the on-going maintenance of your vehicle. With a low initial outlay and fixed monthly rentals, this option can transfer your vehicles off balance sheet, and realize capital back into your business. Operating lease payments are normally fully tax deductible* and you can claim the GST.

Non-Maintained Operating Lease

If you prefer to manage the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle yourself then a Non-Maintained Operating Lease is a simple, cost effective alternative. This option releases precious capital back into your business, increases cash flow and converts your fleet to an ongoing operating expense. In addition, operating lease payments are normally fully tax deductible* and you can claim the GST.

Credit Contract Indemnity

Credit Contract Indemnity covers you and your family in the event of you suffering financial loss as a result of you being off work due to accident, illness, redundancy, suspension, business interruption, bankruptcy or hospitalisation. It also has a life-cover benefit to pay the outstanding balance of your credit contract in the event of death. With Credit Contract Indemnity you can relax knowing the money you borrow today can be repaid should the unexpected happen in the future.

GAP Insurance

Gap cover has been designed with exactly that in mind – to help pay the difference (the gap) between what your vehicle insurance policy pays out and the balance you owe under your finance contract. They may also pay additional benefits, which are designed to help reimburse you for associated incidental costs, be sure to ask about the different options available. This is something we always recommend on low or no deposit finance, and has a few different levels that have different amounts payable, as well as some additional benefits like paying your insurance excess, a deposit into your replacement vehicle, and even the on road costs of your replacement vehicle.


Our new vehicles come with a manufacturers warranty for at least three years. As our demonstrators are near new, you’ll be able to take advantage of most of that cover with these vehicles too. While some of our pre-owned vehicles may have new vehicle warranty remaining, it’s great to know you can add protection to that warranty with an extended mechanical breakdown policy.

The great news about our Isuzu extension policies, is that if you continue to service you Isuzu with us or any authorized service centre nationwide, there is no excess should you have a claim. For all other pre-owned vehicles – don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We partner up with Provident Insurance to offer policies that will help our customers and their vehicle ownership going forward. Why Provident? Because they’re owned by kiwi’s and locally operated. Our specially designed Extended Mechanical Insurance not only protects against the inconvenience and the cost of repairs, it also ensures quality peace of mind 24/7, 365 days of the year, nationwide.

Here’s a few benefits that our customers really like about our policies:

  • Various excess options – and you can service your vehicle at any MTA approved workshop nationwide.
  • Unlimited Claims. The policy does not expire if you claim more than once, twice or even three times.
  • Roadside Assistance 24/7, nationwide, 365 days of the year Whangarei? Whakatane? Wainui? No Worries!
  • Genuine Parts Replacement Guaranteed.
    The policy is fully transferrable if you sell the vehicle.
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